The GM Diet Plan For Rapid Weight Loss


The GM diet plan is one among the various popular diet plan. Due to the ability to induce the massive loss in the weight over the short period of time that is one week the public interest is in the surge.


The precise origin of the GM die is hazy but is claimed to have created by the General Motors employee.

The GM Diet Plan For Rapid Weight Loss

Due to the absence of the rigorous physical laborer, the GM diet plan is considered as the ideal for the one wishing to have weight loss.


GM diet plan is claimed to lose around fifteen pounds of the weight in short period of time.


The critic argues that the loss of the weight by the GM diet is temporary and the weight is regained upon the completion of the diet schedule.


Due to ease to follow the GM diet schedule is considered as the most popular schedule for the one wishing to lose weight.




Due to the lack of the adequate scientific evidence to back up the GM diet its practice by the pregnant women and the individuals suffering from the chronic ailment is to discourage.


Benefits of GM Diet


The inclusion of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the GM diet produces good effects in the human body. Fruits and vegetable are the sources of the vital nutrition, phytochemicals, fiber, which helps to obtain healthy life.


High-quality protein intake is associated with the regulation of the metabolism leading to beneficial effects.


Exclusion of the junk food, alcohols, and preservatives helps to obtain healthy life.


Due to the inclusion of the ample amount of the fruits and vegetables it produces good effects in the detoxification of the human body.


A week Schedule


Day 1: Fruits Excluding Banana


Day 2: Vegetables Excluding Potato


Day 3: Both Fruits and Vegetable Excluding banana and potato


Day 4: 6 Large banana plus three glass of Milk


Day 5: Meat, tomato, cheese, brown rice


Day 6: Brown rice, cheese, vegetables


Day 7: Fruit juices, brown rice

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